ISO 37001:2016 – Anti-bribery management systems

The standard ISO 37001 determines the requirements for development, implementation, maintenance, review and improvement of the management system against corruption. This standard is intended for all kinds of organization from each branch and to all kinds of bribery which companies can meet. Besides, it can be applied as an independent standard, or to be integrated with other management systems.

Why the organization needs a certificate in conformity to the standard ISO 37001:2016?

ISO 37001 is like a framework for creation of anti-corruption measures in the organization, identifies risks related to anti-bribery and encourages correct business behavior.

It helps organizations to prevent, identify and react to potential bribes, to comply the regulatory requirements for anti-corruption and taken voluntary commitments for their activity.

With the implementation of ISO 37001, the organization gains competence, that helps to distinguish it from competitors, to demonstrate anti-corruption policies and practices. This standard’s prurpose is to direct, identify, discover and react to possible bribery risks.

What are the advantages of certified Anti-bribery management systems?

The certification under ISO 37001 will allow to the organization to:

  • Reduce bribery risks, by applying financial control at an early stage
  • Perform constant improvement of Anti-bribery practices
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Guarantees that business partners and clients are informed for the introduced and effectively functioning anti-bribery practices
  • Attract new business partners
  • Prevent, discover and cope with bribery risks
  • Increase national and international recognition
  • Encourage trust between employees in the structure and out of it
  • Reduce organization’s expenses
  • Prevent conflicts of interests
  • Create and encourage anti-corruption culture
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