ISO 31000 – Risk Management System

ISO 3100 determines the principles and general guidelines for:

  • Identification of hazards
  • Identification of assets, to which they could be applied
  • Creation of risk assessment methodology
  • Assessment and reassessment of risks
  • Risk treatment
  • Implementation of risk control mechanisms
  • Risk management

ISO 31000 is applicable for performing the mentioned above activities in all kind of risks – business risk, financial risk, information risk, product risk, etc.

Important aspect of the standard is the unification of the approaches to the management of different kinds of risk and their introduction in one system, in which is reported the relation between types of risks.

Advantages of implementation and certification under ISO 31000:

  • Creation of general risk management frame
  • Establishment of risk management in areas, in which it was missing before the implementation of the system
  • Improvement of the efficiency of risk management
  • Reduction of the expenses for risk treatment
  • Increasing of the image of the organization
  • The standard is applicable to every organization and it’s completely integrate with the requirements of all risk-based standards.
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