ISO 28000 – Supply Chain Security Management System

ISO 28000 regulates the security of the delivery along the supply chain. In particular, it’s directed in logistics area and focuses on reducing the effects of incidents.

ISO 28000 is based on risk management, and requires hazards to be identified, to assess the risk about them and to undertake the control for that risk.

Supply Chain Security Management System is mainly applicable for transport, courier, postal, logistics and other companies, in relation to the supply chain for products and services.

ISO 28000 covers:

  • Risk assessment – includes determination of the hazards of the supply, assessment, treatment and risk managements connected to that shipment
  • Operational control – regulates the introduction of control measures when conducting all the operations in relation to the delivery of the product
  • Monitoring – including application of proactive surveillance measures for the performance of the normative and clients’ requirements for the delivery
  • Emergency reaction – regulated requirements for plan creation, procedures, organization and order of reaction in case of emergency situations for delivery
  • Continuity management – this process frames the introduction of constant deliveries

Advantages of implementation and certification under ISO 28 000:

  • Guarantee of punctuality and timeliness of the deliveries
  • Guarantee of the original qualities of the delivered products
  • Guarantee of the supply continuity
  • Improving the image of the organization
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