ISO 22301 – The Business Continuity Management Standard

ISO 22301 is developed on the base of the British Standard BS 25999-21:2007 and replaces it completely. Including the requirements for analysis, assessment and treatment of the business risk.

The management of business continuity is main for good management process. It’s connected to determination of the factors (hazards), that can bring to interruption of the business activities or operations and applying of control mechanisms against them. The purpose is to gain high level of organizational sustainability and efficient answer in case of interrupting event.
The implemented system according to ISO 22301 provides the ability of the organization to work in hard times, despite the size and character of hazards it faces.

Advantages of implementation and certification under ISO 22301:

  • Operational resilience and stability
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • Introduction of controlled constant mode of operation for those processes, for which there’s such a requirement
  • Predictable reaction in case of interruption of an important process for the organization
  • Reduction on the recovery expenses
  • Demonstration, that the company protects its assets and its activity
  • Competitive advantage in case of industrial crisis
  • Improvement of market positions
  • Increasing of the image of the organization

The standard is completely applicable in all kinds of organizations – financial, insurance, health, telecommunication, IT companies, etc., and is totally integrated with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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