ISO 22000 – Food safety management systems

ISO 22000 is a standard that defines the requirements according to food safety management systems. Its purpose is to construct a complete food safety management system in a way more than the requirements of the legal norm.

ISO 22000 requires to identify and asses all the hazards that can be expected in the food chain, even these that are related to the used process, packages and equipment.

ISO 22000 defines requirements, that allow the company to:

  • Plan, project, apply, exploit, maintain, update the food safety management system with the intention to supply final products, that according to their intended use will be safe for the client.
  • Demonstrates compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements in regard to food safety.
  • Evaluates client’s requirements and demonstrates conformities with those requirements that were negotiated in advance, that are related to food safety, to increase client’s satisfaction
  • Effectively communicate the matters, related to food safety, with their delivers, clients and the other stakeholders along the food chain
  • Guarantees, that follows the declared policy for food safety
  • Demonstrates that conformity in front of other stakeholders and achieves certification or registration of the food safety management system from external organization or to perform self-evaluation or a declaration in conformity to the international standard ISO 22000.
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