ISO 14001- Environmental management systems

This is an international standard that sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. Documented management system is a tool, that allows big and minor companies, to control the influence of their activity on the environment.

There are 6 key elements set in ISO 14001:

  • Environmental policy – determines the intentions and obligations of the organizations to the environment
  • Planning – analysis of the activity on the environment
  • Performance – development and implementation of processes to achieve the goals
  • Inspection and corrective actions – surveillance and measurement of environmental indicators
  • Management review – review from company’s management, to check if the system is appropriate and works effectively
  • Constant improvement – the system has to set purposes and tasks, the performance of which is to provide constant improvement of the activity related to the environment

The advantages of ISO 14001 are:

  • Reduction of waste and pollution
  • To get easily the necessary permits
  • Effective usage of the resources – electricity, water, gas, etc.
  • Accomplishing of the national and international requirements
  • Advantageous relationships with insurance companies
  • Risk reduction
  • Elimination of fine loss, related to the environment
  • Competitiveness on foreign markets
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