Through CERTIND S.A., EURO STANDARD CERTIFICATION LTD offers the service “Transfer of accredited certification”, at a client’s request.
Regulatory basis for this procedure is the IAF Mandatory Document for the Transfer of Accredited Certification of Management Systems Issue 1 (IAF MD 2).

Based on this normative, clients have the opportunity to transfer their certificates, at any time of the certification cycle, from the previous accredited certification organization to CERTIND S.A., through EURO STANDARD CERTIFICATION LTD, under new, more attractive terms for the clients.

The timetable for performing the follow-up surveillance audits remains the same, and the audits are conducted according to the date of the certification audit marked on the certificate.

Transfer of accredited certification is absolutely free and includes:

  • An application form for transfer is filled in by the client
  • Signing of a transfer contract
  • An auditor plans a date for the surveillance audit together with the client
  • The agreed tax for the performance of the audit is paid by the client
  • Performance of the audit
  • If it’s necessary the client performs corrective actions
  • The client receives the new conformity certificates, along with the certification logo of CERTIND S.A.

Organizations, that have certificates, issued by certification organizations, which do not have international accreditation pass through a procedure of initial certification.

The certification of your company according to the international standards,
guarantees you increasing of the competitiveness and is a warranty for good management of the company!

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