The fundamental principles, by which EURO STANDARD CERTIFICATION LTD operates are :

  • Professionalism – we use auditors and technical experts with proven education and experience in the specific area of application of your management system
  • Creativity – leading in the audit performance is when our auditors and technical experts propose the exact ideas for the improvement of your company and your activities
  • Correctness – we bet on accuracy and clarity for our relationships with clients
  • Justice – our auditors “search for the conformity” according to the standard in your work, and not for nonconformity. Our approach is completely well-intentioned.
  • Confidentiality – we guarantee on saving the company’s secret and know-how
  • Efficiency – we offer prices for the certification services, that are consistent with the specification and the client’s opportunities.

The certification of your company according to the international standards,
guarantees you increasing of the competitiveness and is a warranty for good management of the company!

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